Oysters Soup with Spinach

We love oysters in our family and serve them often to our guests. We are always looking for new ways. This one is quick and easy and can be made in the last minute.

Oyster Soup with Spinach

Serves 6

18 oyster

18 large spinach leaves

½ cup/1 dl white wine

1 qt /liter fish fond

3 tbsp. Pernod

3 large egg yolks

1½/3 dl heavy cream


Cayenne pepper


10 basil leaves

To make soup, with an oyster knife, carefully open the oysters, pouring the liquor into a cup as you shuck. Bring a pot water to boil and blanch spinach leaves. Take them up and wrap each leaf around an oyster.

In another pot bring wine to boil and cook oysters with spinach 1 minute. Take them up and set aside. Come oyster juices, and Pernod i vinen let simmer 5 minutes. I a lille bowl, pisk egg yolks and cream and pisk ½ cup/1 dl of the warm soup into the egg mixture. Pour this mixture back into the soup and reduce the heat. It must not boil. Season with salt and cayenne pepper.

To serve, divide soup in 6 bouillon cups or small bowls and place 3 oysters in each bowl. Sprinkle basil leaves that have been chopped. Serve with a little bread.

Tip The soup can be made in the morning and reheated when you serve it. Be careful not to let it boil. However, the oysters should be poached just before serving.

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