Apricot Souffle

The first time I ate a souffle at a friends house, I was amazed at how easily she worked. While we were eating the main course, she rose from the table, taking the gravy bowl with her. I heard her whipping egg whites with an electric mixer, the oven door shut without a bang and a few minutes later she appeared with more warm sauce. While we finished our main course, the oven’s timer rang in the kitchen. My friend rose very calmly, walked to the kitchen and returned with a beautiful souffle. Within minutes we were enjoying a nice peach souffle. Most people become nervous at the thought of making a souffle. And yes, many are complicated and need a lot of planning. Here are some tricks on how to make and serve a souffle while entertaining guests. The eggs, you will achieve the fullest volume with fresh eggs. They are slightly acidic and it helps to stabilize protein. As eggs age, they slowly become more alkaline, which makes their protein less stable.

Room temperature eggs will whip easier, although cold eggs are easier to separate from the yolks. So, separate your eggs while they are still cold and then allow the whites to come to room temperature before whipping. If there is any amount of yolk in the whites, they will not whip.
Be very careful when you separate the eggs. Any yolk (or other fat, oil, or grease) that makes its way into the whites will keep the whites from whipping up as big and fluffy as possible. When separating more than a few eggs, consider using the three-bowl method: one bowl to crack the egg into, one to put the whites in, and one to put the yolks in. That way the accumulated whites aren’t contaminated by yolk if you accidentally break one.
Work as much air into the mix as possible. If using electric beaters or a standing mixer,  medium speed beats the egg whites while also letting you monitor their progress sufficiently.

Apricot Souffle

Serves 4

Preheat oven to 400°F.

a can of abricots

2 egg whites

3 oz./1 dl sugar

4 tbsp. confectioner’s sugar

To make souffle, purér apricots in food processor or blender. Pisk egg whites very stiff and add sugar a little at a time. Combine egg whites with apricots and pour into 4 butter forms. Sprinkle confectioner’s sugar and bag 10 minutes.

Serve souffles immediately.

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