If you want to make your summer dinners extra special, you can garnish cakes, soups and salads with edible flowers. The flowers that you plan on eating, should  naturally  be free from pesticides and chemicals. Remember, flowers that grow on the road side are not suited   because of the passing car’s exhaust. Grow them yourself and you will know for sure they are safe for consumption. Flowers from the florist or nursery have probably been treated with pesticides or other chemcals. Here is a beautiful cake and it tastes wonderful.























Serves 10

2 cups hazelnuts, crushed

1½ cups sugar

5 egg whites

5 sprigs of mint

1 vanilla bean, cut lengthwise

1½ cup of heavy cream, whipped

1½ cup of sour cream

10 – 12 oz. of blueberries, or another berry

fresh rose petals

Preheat oven to 300° F.

The make the cake, whip egg whites with sugar and fold crushed hazelnuts in. Pour batter into two buttered baking pans and bake 35 minutes.

To make the filling, set a few mint leaves aside and chop the rest. Scrap seeds from vanilla bean and add  to the whipped cream and sour cream . Stir until well blended. Take 1½ cups of this mixture and set aside. Stir blueberries (save some to decorate the cake) and mint into mixture.

To assemble, remove the cake from the baking pans and place 1 cake on a severing plate and place the whipped cream mixture with blueberries on the cake. Lay the other cake on top and spread the mixture without blueberries on top. Now comes the fun part . Decorate with rose petals, (severval colors if you like) and blueberries. Place  leaves of mint in the middle and if you like, twist the vanilla bean into a knot and place on top of the mint leaves.

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