Plaice with its characteristic red spots is the most plentiful fish in Northern Europe. Plaice is best in the summer and it is one of the most popular summer dishes in the North.



Sautéed Plaice with Dill Potatoes   4 main course servings

Dill potatoes:

2 lbs. new baby potatoes, scrubbed, with peel left on, 1 bunch of dill, 1 oz. butter, salt, Maldon or anoher good kosher salt


4 fresh whole plaice, with the skin removed, 5-6 tbsp. dried bead crumbs, finely crumbled or flour, salt and freshly ground pepper, 2 oz. butter, 1 lemon, cut in quarters

Garnish: 4 sprigs of dill

To make the potatoes, scrub them in cold water and place them in a pot with water just covering potatoes. Add stem of the dill and a handful of salt to the water. Cook potatoes 15.20 minutes depending on the type of p0tatoes. Drain.

To make the plaice, rinse in Cold wate, pat dry and with a sSharp knife, make an incision all the way down the middle of the fish¨’s back.   This will prevent a super fresh fish from curling up while it is being fried. Dredge fish in a mixture of breadcrumbs/flour, salt and pepper. Fry fish 3-4 minutes on each side in a large skillet two at a time in slightly browned butter  over medium heat. Pour spoonsfuls of melted butter from pan over thick end of fish while frying. This way the thin end and the thick end of the fish will be finished at the same time.

To serve, sprinkle potatoes with chopped dill and flakes of cold butter. Place plaice on warmed plates and some potatoes next to the fish. Place a lemon wedge on each plate and garnish with sprigs of dill.

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