When the weather is to hot to cook, the Danes like to eat steak tartare  and have many different recipes. It can be made with veal, beef, venison or even bison.  No matter what your choice is, it is best to make the tartare meat yourself. Place the meat in the freezer 30 minutes before using it. It makes it easier to work with. Scrape the meat with a very sharp knife, along the length of the muscle tissue, so you get fine, long segments of meat. Ensure there is no sinews in the finished tartare.  If you don’t wish to make your own tartare, ask the butcher to make it for you. Then you are sure it is fresh. Most Danes prefer to eat their steak tartare with a raw egg yolk served in a half of an egg shell. If you would rather not eat raw egg yolks, a poached egg is also a good choice. Here is one of my favorite tartares made with a poached egg.

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Makes 4

1 lb. beef fillet, or ask the butcher to grind the meat to tartare, 2 tbsp. brandy, ½ tbsp. mustard, 4 sprigs of Thyme, parsley or chives, 2 small onions, thinly sliced,1-2 tbsp. butter, 4 whole eggs, 2 tbsp. good mayonnaise, 2 tbsp. mustard, 4 slices of buttered rye bread Garnish: fresh herbs such as pea tendrils

If you are making the tartare yourself, see the introductions above. If the tartare meat is already grinded, add brandy, mustard and freshly chooped herbs; stir until well combined. Cover and chill in the refrigerator for at least 30 min. or until ready to use.

To make the onions, melt butter in a small pan. Fry onions 5 minutes or until golden. Take them up and lay them on a paper towel.

To make the dressing, mix mayonnaise with mustard.

To poach the eggs, bring a large skillet of water just to simmer over medium-low heat. Sprinke water with salt. Working with 1 egg at a time, crack into a small bowl and slide eggs one at a time into simmering water. Cook eggs until whites are cooked but yolks still runny 3-4 minutes. Using a  slotted spoon, carefully transfer poached eggs to medium bowl filled with ice-water.

To assemble, mold tartare into 4 patties and place on 4 slices of buttered bread. Place a spoonful of fried onions on top of each tartare and place a poached egg on top of onions. Place a spoonful of dressing on top of the egg and garnish with herbs. Sprinkle with lots of black pepper.

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