Strawberries have a short and intense season here in Denmark and we eat as many as we can while we can.  Never put  strawberries in the refrigerator. That will stop the naturally ripening.  Place them in a cool place unless they should be eaten the same day. If you eat them the same day, you can place them in the sun. And don’t rinse them if not absolutely necessary.  Don’t remove the lille leaf on top of the strawberry, it prevents them from soaking water.   Strawberries taste good with all types of cremes, yoghurts and desserts. They taste especially good with elderberry flowers, tiny clusters of pale yellow or white flowers with a sweet, floral taste and, of course, elderberry juice. This is a delicious way to prepare strawberries and cream.













Strawberries with Elderberry Creme   4 servings

4 cups freash strawberries, hulled, 4 tbsp. concentrated elerberry juice, divided, 2 egg yolks, 1-2 tbsp. sugar, 1 cup heavy cream

Garnish, elderberry flower clusters

To make the strawberries, place strawberries in a bowl, pour 2 tbsp. elderberry juice flower over and let marinate 30 minutes.

To make the creme, whisk yolks, sugar and juice until lightly colored. In another bowl, whisk heavy cream until it is stiff and forms Peaks. Fold cream into egg mixture.

To serve, divide strawberries into 4 portions and arrange them on 4 plates. Spoon a large spoonful creme over and garnish with elderberry flower cluster.

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