The Danes, like all nationalities, have their tradations and customs. But like so many other counties, they discovered other cuisines when they began to travel in the beginning of the 1960’s. They adopted traditions, food and customs from other countries, pushing the Danish traditions and Danish products aside. For years there has been little or no interest for Danish recipes and local products. Thank goodness, this has changed and the people of Denmark are returning to old Danish Classic recipes like this one. Salad with grandmother’s dressing .Danish grandmothers knew nothing about oils and vinegar dressing and often used heavy cream as dressing. They used what they could find in their gardens and, yes, even flowers. Be sure the flowers are not near a highway and they have not been treated with Chemicals.




















4 servings

Dressing: ½ cup heavy cream, juice of a lemon, 2 tbsp. sugar, salt and freshly ground pepper

2 heads Bibb lettuce or another lettuce of your choice, 1 cup mixed herbs such as dill, pea tendrils, parsley and flowers, blueberries or another fresh berry

To make the dressing, whisk cream, lemon juice and sugar in a bowl to blend. Season    with salt and pepper.

To serve, arrange lettuce and Herbs nicely on a servering platter, spoon dressing over and garnish with

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