Today is the first day of December and the Christmas season with all of it’s parties have started. The Dane drink a lot of snaps, also known as aquavit at this time of the year. We use it also to marinate food. Here is an interesting and different appetizer for a dinner party, a main course for a luncheon or a part of a Christmas buffet. Spice cured veal with pear Salad marinated in snaps, the Danish aquavit. Snaps is  the traditional flavored sprit and a specialty of Denmark.The veal is also coated in Christmas spices giving it the taste of Christmas.

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SPICE-CURED VEAL WITH PEAR SALAD  Serves 8 as an appetizer or 4 for a luncheon

3 tbsp. kosher salt, 3 tbsp. sugar, 2 tsp. ground all spice, 2 tsp. ground cloves, 3 veal cutlets, approx. 1½ lb, ½ cup Danish snaps/aquavit

Pear and Jerusalem artichoke Salad

10 oz. Jerusalem artichokes*, 2 pears, halved and cored, 2 tbsp. grated fresh horseradish, 2 oz. raisins, 1 lemon, juice and zest, ½ tbsp. sugar, 1 tsp. fine salt, 1 tbsp. rapeseed oil eller  natural  oil, but not olive oil

Garnish: Cress or parsley

To make the veal, mix salt, sugar, and spices. Coat the meat with half of the mixture. Pour snaps/aquaivit over and place meat in a plastic bag. Let veal marinate in the refrigerator 2 hours. Discard the snaps and coat veal in the rest of salt/sugar/spices mixture. Place meat in bag Again and let let marinate 2 more hours.

To make the salad, scrub Jerusalem artichokes and slice them together with pears in thin slices. Whisk a dressing of horseradish, lemon juice and zest, raisins, sugar, salt and oil. Pour dressing over artichokes and pears.

To serve, slice veal in thin slices and place on a plate. Arrange Jerusalem artichokes and pear salad on top of the meat. Garnish with cress or parsley.

*Jerusalem artichokes are also known as sunchokes.

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