Chirstmas Eve, the 24th of December, is the day the Danes celebrate Christmas. Many Danes attend a church service early in the afternoon and rush home to prepare  Christmas dinner. Many  Danes eat Pork Roast with Cracking with Glazed Sugar Potatoes and Red Cabbage. I wrote about this last year so if you want to see the recipe, check out my blog for December 2014. When I first came to Denmark, I thought this was strange. Now I love celebrating Christmas on the 24th in the evening and not early in the morning on the 25th of December. Another thing I thought was strange when I first came to Denmark was dancing around the Christmas tree singing songs. The Danes don’t really dance, they just hold hands and walk slowly around the tree. The children love it and the adults enjoy it too. After the singing and opening presents, a cup of coffee is served with fruit, cookies, candy, nuts  and a cake. I make this cake on Christmas Eve because it is like candy because of the marzipan, chocolate bits and nuts all rolled into a cake.

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8 oz, marzipan, 8 oz. sugar ,1 cup of butter, soften, 4 eggs, 4 tbsp. flour ,3-4 oz. chocolate chips, 3 oz. of nuts, almonds, walnuts or pecan nuts

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Shed marzipan and whisk with sugar and butter until smooth. Beat one egg at a time into the batter and fold flour, chocolate and nuts into the cake. Pour cake batter into a buttered baking pan and bake  30 min. Let cake cool slightly and serve  with sour creme.

This cake is simple, fast and tastes wonderful. If you want to make it now, it can be frozen and served Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

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