Pancake with smoked salmon and lemon butter

When New Year’s Eve is over, we just want to relax and eat a casual breakfast or maybe even a brunch.  A brunch is good solution when you get up late and combine breakfast with lunch. Some may want pandcakes and others are fine with eating leftovers from the day before. A pancake with smoked salmon and lemon butter is a festive  start for the new year.

Pandekage mde Laks og Citronsmør

Pancakes with smoked salmon and lemon butter   Serves 4-6

8 oz. flour, 1 tsp. sugar, 1½ salt, 3 eggs, 2 cups of milk, ,zest  of a 1 lemon, 3 tsp. water, butter for frying,

lemon butter, juice of two lemons, 4 oz. butter, salt and freshly ground black pepper

4-6 lettuce leaves, 16 slices of smoked salmon, ½ of a cucumber, slices, in ribbons with a vegetable peeler

To make the pancakes, place  flour, sugar and salt in a bowl. Pisk egs, milk, lemon zest, and  water in another bowl. Mix the ingredients of the two bowls together. Melt a small amount of butter and pour a some of the batter (depending on how large or hunery you are) onto a well greased frying and tilt so that batter quickly covers the bottome of the pan evenly. Cook until golden brown on one side, then toss like a flapjack or use a spatula to turn and cook on the other side .

To make the lemon butter, heat the juice of the lemons in a small pan over medium; whisk in the butter in small pieces until melted and combined. Season with salt and black pepper.

To serve, place a pancake on each plate, and top with a lettuce leaf. 3-4 slices smoked salmon and place a cucumber ribbon on top. Spoon lemon butter around, but not on top of the pancake.

TIPS. Any pancakes left over can be eaten with maple sirup.

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