How to build an open-face sandwich

Some time ago Denmark had a contest to determine what is the most  popular dish in Denmark. Fried pork with Parsley sauce won and I wrote about it October 15, 2015 here on my blog. Danish open-face sandwiches are number two and I think it should have been number one along with many others. So I am going to write about a few of our best sandwiches. I’m going to start  with how to build an open-face sandwich. I know that I  have done this before but for those of you who have not seen it, I will make a new one.

First, let me say that an open-face sandwich is not just a sandwich with a piece of bread on top. What makes them so loved is that they have a very specific and time-tested combinations of food that are not to be contested or changed . I am going to start with a Potato, Crisp Onions and Mayonnaise open-face sandwich. I have written about  how I thought potatoes was a strange thing to build a sandwich around, but I now I understand why all of the Danes are going crazy about them.

How to build openface potato jpeg_0005

First, you must spread a thin layer of butter  on the bread. This a piece of Danish Rye Bread, but if you can’t get ahold of that, use a dark, whole wheat bread, but not pumpernickel. It is too sweet.








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Next, place slices of cold, cooked potatoes on the buttered bread. Potatoes from the day before are fine. Make sure they are not cold from the refrigerator







How to build openface potato jpeg_0014


Place mayonnaise of top of the potatoes.








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Finish with crisp onion rings, (recipe to follow) tomato wedge, chives and chervil or parsley.







Potato, Crips Onions and Mayonnaise Sandwich  Makes 4

Crisp onions: 2 medium-onions, sliced, 1 tbsp. flour, 2 tbsp. oil

1 lb. cold, cooked potatoes, 4 slices of buttered rye bread, 4 tbsp. mayonnaise, 4 tbsp. chopped chives, 1 tomato, cut into wedges, chervil or parsley, salt and freshly ground white pepper

To make crisp onion rings, dust onions rings with flour. Heat oil in a medium pan and fry until they are golden and crisp.

To assemble, slice potatoes and divide them on buttered bread. Place a tbsp. mayonnaise in the center, place 1-2 wedges of tomato on one side, mayonnaise and 1 spoonful of chives on the other side of mayonnaise. Pile onion rings high in the middle of mayonnaise and garnish with chervil or parsley.





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