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Dining with the Danes-100 recipes features simple, homemade everyday dishes that taste and smells like a Danish grandmother’s kitchen. The products used  in Denmark should be made from local ingredients and should be grown and produced in ways that protects the environment. Of course, fruits and vegetables from all over the world are imported and available all year around, but Danes prefer to use local products. whenever possible. You won’t find Olive oil, Iberico Ham, Truffles, and Foie Gras in this book.

The recipes found in this book is still eaten everyday by Danes. Month by month, and season by season, this book will show you how to make classic Danish dishes using traditional techniques. Each chapter gives you an idea of what to eat at different times of the year.









The Danes have been leading quite a culinary revolution  and Copenhagen has become one of the most influential food cities in the world. After many years of eating bland food created over hundreds of years of puritanical  cooking habits, the Danes are now saying “Use only local ingredients. We have such rich and diverse foods to choose from. We ask ourselves why go elsewhere? Use seasonal ingredients. We can live better and in harmony with nature. Prepare healthy foods rich in grains, fish, fruit and vegetables – without being bland . Good food is meant to delight and give pleasure.”

Modern Danish Cooking shows season by season how to make beautiful and delicious food, based on the same principles of New Nordic Cooking. It uses local and  seasonal ingredients in both new and traditional recipes.




The Danes like all nationalities, have their traditions and their customs. The famous open-face sandwiches are unique and Danish pastry is famous. In many parts of the world, a pastry is simply called “a Danish”.

Dining with The Danes contains some of the best known traditional dishes, a section on how to make open-face sandwiches and a section with some of the best baking recipes of Denmark.












The Danes have been enjoying open-face sandwiches, smørrebrød, for 175 years. These delicious sandwiches are not found anywhere else, not even in the neigboring countries of Norway and Sweden – until recently. Restaurants serving Danish open-face sandwiches are now popping up in many parats of the World.

With this book, you can make them yourself at home. There are hundreds of types of smørrebrød, and new varieties are constantly being composed.

Open-face sandwiches can be simple and uncomplicated, or they can be be gloriously colorful compositions piled high so generously, that one or two of them will susfficient as a meal. You decide.

This book will guide you step-by-step in how to build you own beautiful and delicious sandwiches. You will also get the correct order in which to eat these sandwiches, how to eat them and what to drink with them.

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